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Further education consultancy at ibugi

As an affiliated institute at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, we meet all the standards of a state-recognised university. We ensure compliance with German academic standards in the quality assurance process for your further education programme. The structural and legal framework of our standards originates from the Lisbon Convention and the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which we use to award credit points (CP). For educational programmes offered in partnership with ibugi, participants receive a corresponding certificate.

Our partners

Our process

This is what you can expect from our process

  1. Acquisition meeting: Clarification of academic aspirations, scope, needs and administrative matters.
  2. Organisational meeting: Setting milestones and deadlines
  3. Development and editing phase: structural and content-related development of the programme by both parties
  4. Official attestation of the academic quality of the programme
  5. Sustainable, long-term relationship with ibugi makes quick improvements and extensions of the programme easily accomplishable


(CP = Credit Point in the European Credit Transfer System, ECTS. 1 CP = 25-30 hours of time and labour)

  1. Course ≥2CP
  2. Module: ≥5CP
  3. Micro Degree: ≥10CP
  4. Post Graduate Certificate (PGC): ≥30CP
  5. Postgraduate Master's programme: ≥60CP


We prefer a sustainable, long-term financial relationship to a one-off high consultant fee. The framework conditions of this partnership depend on the scope of the programme and the amount of work involved in the quality assurance process.

You are interested in a cooperation?

For additional information or an offer without obligation please contact:

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