Prof. Dr. Marcelo da Veiga

Academic director

Professor of philosophy and social innovation

The focus of my work lies in the connection of philosophical thinking with issues of education, spiritual development, and social responsibility. Alongside this I am interested in developing, supporting and implementing projects in two main areas: social and cultural entrepreneurship, and consultancy at universities in the fields of quality assurance and the development of both study programmes and degree-awarding programmes. 

2020// Vorsitzender AIB-Stiftung

2019// Wissenschaftlicher Koordinator der EKS-FOM

2019// Sprecher der EUFOM-Business School

2018 // Gründung und Leitung des Instituts für Bildung und gesellschaftliche Innovation (ibugi)

2018// Gastsitz im Akkreditierungsrat

2016// Mitglied des Vorstands des VPH

2003// Professur für Philosophie (Ernennung Ende 2002)