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Paper presentation at the International Steiner Symposium 2021. The Actuality of Rudolf Steiner: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Steiner in the 21st Century.

This paper aims to understand which life experiences of two teachers were essential to their choice of Arts as a teaching field.  The study lays on a need to raise awareness about the reasons behind choices in the existential process. Using a phenomenological approach, the two authors – music and visual arts teachers – used the meditation techniques of micro-phenomenological interview and the „7W“ exercise for approximately two months. These techniques seek to connect the individual to its inner self and bring out the internal processes – conflicting or not at first – in the light of (and for) the self and hetero knowledge. The exercises were transcribed daily.

The qualitative data analysis focused on the survey of essential themes from the meditative tasks and brought to attention not only personal experiences elucidative of the participants‘ choice and performance in the field of Arts but also corroborates for the improvement and development of first-person research techniques.

Maíra Andriani Scarpellini: Federal University of Acre & Federal University of Paraná, Brazil

Maíra graduated in Arts (Music) from the State University of Campinas (2010) and with a Master in Arts – Music as a sub-area – from the Federal University of Uberlândia (2013). She is currently a professor in the higher teaching professional at the Federal University of Acre and is pursuing an academic doctorate in Education at the Federal University of Paraná. She has experience in arts with emphasis in musical education, acting mainly on the following themes: music education, school recess and training of music teachers.

Talitha Perez Bianchini: Federal University of Paraná, Brazil

Talitha holds a licentiate degree in Artistic Education (Visual Arts) in the University of Belas Artes in São Paulo (2002). She has a post-graduate qualification in Clinical and Institutional Psychopedagogy in the Anglo-Americano College (2009) and a Master in Contemporary Integration of Latin America from UNILA – Latin America Integration University (2017). Talitha is currently pursuing her academic doctorate in Education at the Federal University of Paraná. Alongside this, she has been a Full Arts teacher at the Federal Institute of Paraná, Brazil since 2012.

Dr. Tania Stoltz: Federal University of Paraná, Brazil

Tania graduated in Pedagogy and Artistic Education, M.Sc. in Education, Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), and holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Catholic University of São Paulo. She completed a post-doctorate at the Jean Piaget Archives, Switzerland and with Alanus Hochschule, Germany. Tania has worked as coordinator of the scientific cooperation between UFPR and the Jean Piaget Archives, Switzerland (2003-2008), and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Jean Piaget Society, USA (2016-2019). Tania is currently a Professor and researcher at UFPR, and has experience in Education, with an emphasis on Educational Psychology. Tania supervises dissertations and theses focused on themes around the works of Jean Piaget, Rudolf Steiner, and Lev Vygotsky.