ibugi, Heliopolis University, and Exploring Economics have been awarded funding from the DAAD as part of the German-Egyptian Progress Partnership.

The project ‚Innovation and Pluralism in Teaching Economics‘ aims to bring together Egyptian junior faculty from economics, finance, and other related subjects in a series of four online workshops dedicated to learning about pluralist economics and the development of teaching materials.

Working with established lecturers in economics and other junior faculty, as well as the pedagogical knowledge of ibugi, participants will design teaching materials on pluralist economics for use in their own programmes and for publication on the Exploring Economics learning platform.

The project serves several aims, including increasing contacts between German and Egyptian academics and institutions, the development of teaching skills, and the establishment of a pluralist economics knowledge base in the Egyptian context.

For more information contact Andrew Brogan (ab@ibugi.de) or Jessica Miebach (jmi@aib-bonn.org)